5 Questions with hip hop artist Brandon Dutka

Brandon Dutka - Call of the wild

Twenty-year old Brandon Dutka is a new hip hop artist from Vancouver, B.C,. His first mixtape Call of the Wild features productions from Omito and Montana Morris.

I’m always happy to highlight local talent, so when I heard from Brandon, I was so very eager to write about him. Here’s his answers to my five questions!

How would you describe your music in one sentence?

It’s a combination of different genres, synthesizing into one incredible sound, consisting of epic instrumentals, hypnotic harmonies, and educational word play. That’s what I’m trying to achieve, anyway!

Which artists (both past and current) have influenced your music?

My biggest current influence would have to be Kanye West. The way he single-handedly evolves Hip-Hop time and time again is incredible. I’m sure if you listen to this mixtape, you’ll be able to detect the influence he has had on me.

Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) is also a current artist that I have been influenced by. He is able to compose a sad song with depressing lyrics, but the melody is so mesmerizing you always get the urge to sing along.

As far as past artists, the big two that come to mind are Elton John and Queen. These days I’m not really feeling hip-hop too much, so I’ll take an Elton John CD or a Queen one any day. Elton has been, and will always be, the greatest melody writer in music in my opinion. His stage presence is also second to none. I’m also extremely influenced by Queen because of how dramatic their music sounds, and how they do such an amazing job of layering their vocals.

How did you get started creating music?

It’s kind of a funny story. I have always wanted to be in the music industry, but before creating music, I had always planned to be working behind the scenes at a record label. It wasn’t until one night I was having a conversation with my girlfriend, and somehow we got to the topic of me making music. I told her, “how hard can it be to put a song together?” A week later I had completed one, and I had such a fun time doing it that I kept going, and haven’t stopped since.

Your mixtape is out now. How was it creating your first mixtape?

I started creating the mixtape in January of this year, and I finished near the end of April. So it took one complete semester of school.

I have been known to not be the biggest fan of post secondary education, and that spring semester I wasn’t going to college for the first time since I started, so I wanted to show my mom how much more I could achieve in that one semester as opposed to going to school. As far as the creative process, since this was a mixtape, some of the songs had the beats of already popular songs, and I just put different words to them and try to make them better. I did that on a few songs, but then for the rest of them I wanted original beats.

I found two fantastic producers on YoutTube, Omito and Montana Morris, and then I worked at a studio in Richmond, where a group called the Labcatz produced a song for me. As far as the mixing and mastering goes, I met two great individuals from a company that I used to intern with, named Zhubin “Zee” Phua, and Segun Martins. I recorded the majority of the mixtape with Zee, who also did additional mixing, and Segun mixed and mastered the mixtape.

You recently performed at Vancity Project 3.0. How did it feel performing on stage?

It felt fantastic! It was my first live performance, so for the whole day I was incredibly terrified. I went on late at night too, so the suspense was killing me! I was working that day, and for my entire 8-hour shift I was memorizing my lines. It took about ten seconds on stage for me to shake the nerves off, and after that it felt great. I look forward to the next one!

With his drive and determination — and not to mention good looks! — I’m sure Brandon has a future in music! To check out more of Brandon’s music, visit his YouTube channel or download his mixtape. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook  for the very latest.

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    ““how hard can it be to put a song together?” A week later I had completed one,”

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