Can someone explain to me why I like Chris Brown’s new song?

Chris Brown - Turn Up the Music - Single Cover

Sometimes even I cannot explain my own taste in music.

I make it a regular a habit to bash trashy, dance-influenced songs these days, but when I heard Chris Brown‘s new single, I had to shut up.

“Turn Up the Music” is far from original — in fact, it’s something Usher could have easily sang — but I find the song to be enjoyable. And I can’t wait for Chris Brown to start performing this live. He’ll kill it with his dance moves!

The chorus, loud and repetitive, is somehow infectious. The Euro-pop influences work here. The lyrics, while far from insightful, is fun and is appropriate for the song.

“Turn Up the Music” is definitely my new guilty pleasure. It’s not as good (or as original) as “Beautiful People”, but it’s a good workout song. I expect Chris Brown to tore up the dance floors with this one. Fortune, Chris Brown’s next album, is due later this year.

  • Sonik313

    You don’t mind listening to his music and watching him play shows despite his battery of Rihanna?