Cassie’s “King of Hearts” video is stunning

Cassie - King of Hearts - music video

Cassie‘s biggest hit to date is the RnB jam “Me and U”, so when I heard that she’s making a comeback this year, I was expecting her to return to that sound. I was imagining a song that has an infectious beat and sexy lyrics. After I saw some previews of her video, I also imagined a bit of a futuristic sound.

Her comeback single though, titled “King of Hearts” is anything but RnB or Urban. The song is a departure from Cassie’s RnB roots. It sees her embrace a totally new direction, inspired by the current trend but somewhat still pushing the envelope.

Unlike most dance tracks on the radio right now, “King of Hearts” is not loud. In fact, in many ways, the song is classic Cassie. Her vocals, relaxed and seductive, project confidence without the usual bells and whistles that go with a pop track. The beat is also there, but sonically, the track borrows influences from house and leaves much of the RnB sound that Cassie is mostly known for.

Truth be told, it took me a few listens to get into the song because it’s not what I expected, but I am now excited for Cassie’s album. This sound is fresh, and Cassie sounds more sure than ever.

Cassie’s confidence, in fact, is front and centre in the video. The starlet looks absolutely stunning here. And although it doesn’t have a plot, the video does what it’s supposed to, which is to get your attention and hold it for the entire three and a half minutes or so. Cassie struts her stuff here, but somehow it all looks classy, thanks to strategic videography and amazing fashion.

The video showcases Cassie’s swagger and gorgeous features. It’s not exactly the best video ever made, but it certainly rises above many pop videos.

Check out the video below and buy “King of Hearts” on iTunes today.