Kelly Clarkson to officially release country version of “Mr. Know It All”

Kelly Clarkson to release country version of Mr. Know It All

When a country version of “Mr. Know It All” started circulating a few weeks ago, no one really knew what was going on. The sleeper hit, which eventually managed to reach top 10 in the Billboard charts, was already on its way down the charts when the countrified version appeared. Fans, myself included, really liked the new version though and wondered if it will ever be released on iTunes.

Well, to everyone’s surprise, Kelly Clarkson announced that the country version of  “Mr. Know It All” is getting the official release treatment. The pop star took some time from her busy touring schedule to update fans. She wrote:

Hey everybody, I got to work with Dann Huff and recut ‘Mr. Know It All’ for country radio! I hope y’all like it!! I had a lot of fun recutting the song and getting the opportunity to work with Dann! It will be available on iTunes April 3rd.

This is a fantastic move for the original Idol. While “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” is still doing well in the charts, the anthemic song is unlikely to appeal to country listeners. By releasing a country version of “Know”, she’s appealing to a different audience without sabotaging her current single or the “Dark Side”, the official third single.

Plus, Kelly sounds fantastic in the country cut.

Kelly Clarkson is on a roll this era, and it’s great to see a talented pop star succeed for once.