Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” video hits all the right spots

Girl Gone Wild - Madonna - Music video review on Filthy Pop

Madonna‘s new video reminds us all why she’s such a huge gay icon.

In “Girl Gone Wild”, the 50-something pop diva is seen strutting her stuff with super fit dudes who couldn’t possibly be straight.

The video is reminiscent of some of Madonna’s past work. The black and white cinematography, the fierce outfits, and the excessive skin are all elements of Madonna’s iconic body of work. But something about this video manages to feel fresh. The pacing is also spot on, and Madonna looks gorgeous.

My favourite part is the guys dancing with heels on. They all look fierce. There’s a lot of humping going on. (I wouldn’t expect anything less from this queen.) Madonna clearly knows her audience well!

Finally, the religious reference in the beginning is a nice touch — this is Madonna telling today’s pop stars that she was the original rebel. Any claims otherwise is just reductive.

Truth be told, I’m still not a fan of “Girl Gone Wild”. The song sounds like a leftover from Confessions on a Dance Floor. But the song is consistent with Madonna’s sound post-Ray of Light. I guess she’s being true to her brand here. The song is more age-appropriate (and much better) than “Give Me All Your Luvin'” though.