Tegan & Sara release near-perfect album

Heartthrob - Tegan & Sara

I’m first to admit that I didn’t jump in on the Tegan & Sara bandwagon until recently. The duo has been around for a long time, but it was “Closer” that finally captured my attention. The pop single is both sweet and honest, an ode about the beginnings of a new relationship and the physical tension that it brings.

In a nutshell, Heartthrob is 2013’s first great pop album. Clocking in at just 45 minutes, it’s a concise and meaty record — a cohesive effort that showcases catchy pop hooks and irresistible vocals without the clichés that usually come with them.

The foolishness of relationships is a huge theme. “I Was A Fool” is about being crazy in love and sticking around even if you’re not supposed to, while “Now I’m All Messed Up” is about being fucked up by a cheating lover. “Now I’m all messed up / Sick inside wondering who / Who’s life you’re making worthwhile,” the sister duo asks in the latter.

Although not plenty, the upbeat songs are delightful. “Closer” is a great example, but so is the album opener “Goodbye, Goodbye.”

If I had one complaint about Heartthrob, it would be that “I Run Empty” is a tad boring. But it’s a bonus track, so I guess that’s not a big deal.

Rating: 4.5/5