How many versions of “The One That Got Away” will Katy Perry release?

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away (Acoustic)

Desperate or business-savvy?

It looks like Katy Perry is determined to beat Michael Jackson’s Billboard record. After the B.O.B.-assisted remix of “The One That Got Away” failed to push the song to the top of the charts, Katy Perry is releasing yet another version of the song.

I’d say she’s desperate, but this version of the song is actually quite good. I never really loved “The One That Got Away” because it was overproduced, especially given its subject. But the acoustic version highlights Perry’s vocal chops and also shows a bit more vulnerability from the wig-loving pop star.

Will I be buying this version of the song on iTunes? Probably not – frankly, I’d rather support Kelly Clarkson‘s unexpected smash “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)”. But that doesn’t mean I won’t listen to this on YouTube. :P

Check out “The One That Got Away (Acoustic)” below.

  • Joanne

    KC, how is it that you’re always able to articulate the things I feel better than myself? Haha, I completely agree with everything you said in this post. The acoustic one is really nice! I’m not the biggest fan of Katy Perry’s voice, so I’m surprised I prefer this rawer(?) version more.

    • KC Claveria

      I guess this is “rawer” than the other versions. Haha! :)