I’m done with Chris Brown. And Rihanna can go to hell.

Chris Brown and Rihanna's collaboration is irresponsible.

When I first heard that Rihanna is potentially collaborating with Chris Brown for the “Birthday Cake” remix, I didn’t believe it. I thought, ‘Rihanna is smart; she won’t do that’.

Well, clearly I overestimated Rihanna’s intellect. Tonight she released not one but two Chris Brown collaborations. In addition to “Birthday Cake”, Rihanna and Chris Brown collaborated in the “Turn Up The Music” remix.

To put it simply, this collaboration is irresponsible. It’s dangerous, too.

Should Chris Brown get a second chance?

Many of the Chris Brown’s fans argue that the dude needs a chance. That he loves performing, and he should be able to.

Yes, Chris Brown needs a second chance.  We’re all human, and everyone probably needs a second chance.

I think we’re asking the wrong question here though. The question isn’t whether he should get a second chance – the question really is, does he deserve it?

The clear answer is a big fucking NO. Remember his outburst on Good Morning America? That was only last year!

More recently, his responses to Miranda Lambert’s criticism and to “haters” on Twitter are even more troubling. He still has anger issues and doesn’t quite get the impact of his actions three years ago.

He’s a douche and that’s why many people hate him, not just because he beats women (although in my opinion, that’s reason enough).

People change  – that’s true. But Chris Brown’s recent actions clearly indicate that he hasn’t.

Rihanna is role model –  by default. 

There’s a second component to this whole mess, and that’s Rihanna.

I loved Rihanna. She’s not the best singer, but she has that something. That it factor.

Lately, she has been saying that she’s not responsible for raising kids, that that responsibility is of the parents’. She said, “The music industry isn’t exactly Parents R Us! We have the freedom to make art, LET US”.

She’s right that parents do have the main responsibility of raising their kids, but that doesn’t paint the complete picture, does it?

Rihanna, just like any pop star, is a role model whether she wants to be one or not. That’s just part of being a celebrity. Girls see you, girls adore you, girls want to be you. You’re a role model by default. Claiming the opposite is just naive and reckless.

In fact, Rihanna herself admitted that she is a role model. In a Good Morning America interview that aired three years ago, she said the following with regards to getting back with Chris Brown

“I just didn’t realize how much of an impact I have on these girls’ lives until that happened.”

Rihanna may be singing a different tune now, but that doesn’t change the fact that girls look up to her.

Who the fuck cares?

Finally, it’s worth discussing whether this whole thing matters. Do most people care? Rihanna is probably still going to sell a shitload of this single. Some people from music forums such as Pulse Music Board suspect that only big pop music fans really give a fuck.

Well, again, it’s all about perspective. Just because most people don’t mind that Rihanna is willingly collaborating with Chris doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. It just means that we’re fucked up as a society.

Domestic abuse isn’t a joking a matter – Rihanna herself said so during the aforementioned GMA interview.

“My selfish decision for love could result in to some young girl getting killed. I could not be easy with that part. I can’t be held responsible for that. If Chris never hits me again, who is to say that their boyfriends won’t? Who is to say that they won’t kill these girls?”

I rest my case.

I’m done with Chris Brown. Frankly, I’m still hoping that Rihanna will wake up to her senses, but this may be the career move that she ends up regretting forever.

The worst part of this all is that neither Rihanna nor Chris Brown really needed to do this. Chris Brown is just coming off two performances and a huge win from the Grammys, while Rihanna’s Talk That Talk era is really just getting started. They didn’t need this stupid publicity stunt, and yet they did it.

Sometimes pop stars walk the fine line between pushing the envelope and being irresponsible. In the next generations, when people look back at Rihanna’s life and career, they will look at this very moment as one of her darker ones.

Chris Brown and Rihanna  are putting women’s lives in danger – and for what? A few million dollars in their bank account? Some media coverage to help with album sales? It’s not worth it.

  • http://twitter.com/mercedesbook Mercedes Book

    Well said KC. Did you see this? http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/Chris+Brown+Reportedly+Uses+Promise+Beat+Pick+Line+World+Collectively/6163429/story.html

    • http://kcclaveria.com KC Claveria

      Oh gosh. What the heck is wrong with him?

      Chris Brown is involved in another feud: