Lights premieres “Banner” music video

Lights - Banner - music video

Lights is becoming one of my fave Canadian music artists. She writes really catchy songs that aren’t about sex or about booze. And she’s really talented, writing most of her stuff and sounding good live.

She makes pretty cool music videos, too. Case in point: her latest video “Banner”.

The video’s mood starts a bit apocalyptic as the singer-songwriter is seen walking around alone in a desert. She joins a bunch of young hitchhikers, and everything almost goes smoothly until a bunch of pirate-wannabes stop them and start attacking. All Lights had to do though is to raise a white flag — a banner, if you will — and everything’s good.

Depending on how you look at it, the video either has a really thin plot or a very metaphoric one. I choose to believe the latter.

As usual, Lights look incredible in the video; her smoky eyes and high cheekbones really stand out here.

Watch the video below and buy “Banner” on iTunes if you’d like.