Usher’s Looking 4 Myself is a very confused record

usher - looking 4 myself - album review

Usher’s new LP Looking 4 Myself tries hard to please two crowds, and the final product is unsatisfying.  For half of the record, the crooner tries to please long-term fans who crave RnB music from him. For the other half,  Usher produces songs for the masses, those who control iTunes charts and a record’s commercial success.

The result is a very confused record that is neither dance nor RnB. It’s also not a very good record.

Stand out tracks: The lead single “Climax” is a masterful RnB track reminiscent of Usher’s better records.

Euphoria is one of the few dance-pop tracks on the album that has some originality and isn’t completely dreadful.

The title track is unexpected — it’s a breezy, RnB-tinged pop track with some minimal production.

Skip these tracks: “Sweat” is one of the most generic singles that Usher has ever released.”Numb” suffers from the same issue — it’s a dance-pop tune that could have been released by anyone.

Final thoughts: For a record titled Looking 4 Myself, Usher’s new LP lacks introspective and depth. Unlike his work in Confessions or 8701, Usher’s  Looking 4 Myself lacks honesty, with the crooner frequently reverting back to hollow lyrics about partying and sweating.

With this record, Usher proves that he can still sing, but it also shows that he’s no longer the artist he once used to be.