Am I the only one NOT getting the hype behind Marina & The Diamonds’ new single?

Marina & The Diamonds - Primadonna video

Until today, I thought Marina &  The Diamonds was some sort of an indie goddess who might give Lana Del Rey a run for her money.

I’ve read about this girl for a while now but just haven’t had the chance to listen to her stuff. Until today.

To put it simply, I’m not really impressed. “Primadonna” is another track out of the Dr. Luke song factory. The syllabication, the melody, the beat — they all sound like bits and pieces from other hits.

The entire song isn’t that bad. In the verses, Marina sounds fantastic. The lighter production highlights her vocals, which happen to be nice.

But as soon as the hook comes in, the magic is gone and we are suddenly in Katy Perry land.

My issue with this song is that is says absolutely nothing about this new artist named Marina & The Diamonds. A debut single is supposed to catchy — I get that — but it should also show a glimpse of originally to truly stand out.

All this said, the charts indicate that we’re not tired of the Katy Perry sound yet. Recent hits like the awful “Part of Me” and Jessie J.’s “Domino” show that there’s still appetite for Dr. Luke’s recycled tunes. So perhaps Marina & The Diamonds has a hit here in her hands.

The video for “Primadonna”, sadly, isn’t any better than the song. Marina probably thinks that she’s being ironic by showing us a bunch of random stuff, but the overall is effect is just messy. At least the makeup is interesting?

Dr. Luke is responsible for crafting career-defining hits for the likes of Kelly Clarkson (“Behind These Hazel Eyes”) and Katy Perry (“Teenage Dream”).  But if his work with Marina & The Diamonds is any indication, the dude might finally be in need of a long break.