Mariah Carey sings about “The Art of Letting Go”

Mariah Carey - The Art of Letting Go

After getting a moderate summer hit with “#Beautiful” and then not releasing an album, Mariah Carey is back with “The Art of Letting Go.” The ballad isn’t quite as catchy or as fresh as her last single with Miguel, but there’s something about “The Art of Letting Go” that is very Mariah circa late 90s. In short: I love it.

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5 ARTPOP songs that are not completely atrocious [album review]

Lady Gaga - ARTPOP

After much teasing and many, many antics, Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP finally arrived in stores today. Just like her previous work, Lady Gaga flexed her marketing muscle in this release. From a flying dress to showing her vagina to high-profile stints at iTunes Festival and the MTV Music Awards, Gaga didn’t back down from promoting this album. ARTPOP is the third full-length album from the “Pokerface” pop star.

But what about the music?

I’m happy to report that for the most part, ARTPOP is not a bad album. In fact, I like this better than the unlistenable Born This Way.  Here are five highlights:

  1. Applause

Yes, “Applause” isn’t the most exciting or innovative pop single ever, but it’s super catchy. The music video is borderline campy, borderline cheesy.  Lady Gaga is a lot better when she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and “Applause” proves that.

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6 songs that prove Katy Perry’s PRISM isn’t that bad

Katy Perry - PRISM (cover art) - Album review

Since Katy Perry released PRISM, music snobs have been busy bashing the album. The A.V. Club called it “forgettable,” while SPIN described it as “tepid.”

I’m not here to tell you that PRISM is this year’s best pop album—it’s not!—but it’s actually a decent listen. Here are my top 6 faves:

  1. International Smile

Light and happy, “International Smile” could easily have been in Katy Perry’s last album. With “oohs” and “aaahs” and vocal delivery similar to “Teenage Dream,” this song is proof of Perry’s undeniable charisma.

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