Beyoncé drops self-titled album, Internet freaks out

beyonce - suprise album

If you’re a King B fan, here’s an early Christmas gift for you.

Beyoncé—flawless ruler of the pop world—just released a new album out of nowhere. The self-titled LP comes as a big surprise.  Sure, there have been numerous rumours that she’s shooting new videos. But most people assumed she was just preparing for an early 2014 release.

The very calculated pop star didn’t even do a press conference or anything of that sort to announce this album. She simply told fans about it via Instagram.

The best part of all? All 14 songs already have an accompanying video.

Teaser video and tracklisting below.

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LIVE BLOG: Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale

Kelly Clarkson - Christmast Special
Photo: Kelly Clarkson’s Facebook page

10:01 PM: “I don’t do drugs. Don’t you need to be using drugs to go to rehab?” Really cute skit.

10:04 PM: That note. “Run, Run Rudolph” is so Kelly. Loving this performance.

10:06 PM: “I love hunger. But it’s just not sexy enough.” – William Shatner is pretty funny in this skit.

10:10 PM: “TMZ would just love to get their hands on these.”  Trisha Yearwood and Reba!

10:11 PM: Not loving this gown on Kelly. But she sounds good opening “Silent Night.”

There was a problem connecting to Twitter.

10:14 PM: With all due respect to Trisha Yearwood and Reba Mcentire, I’m not really feeling this collaboration.

Kelly Clarkson, Trisha Yearwood & Reba Mcentire
Photo: Kelly Clarkson’s Facebook page

Kelly’s first Christmas special, KELLY CLARKSON’S CAUTIONARY CHRISTMAS MUSIC TALE, aired onWednesday, December 11th at 10/9c on NBC. Here are some highlights:

10:18 PM: “My Favorite Things” isn’t a Christmas song, but I love this performance. Reminds me of big-band week when Kelly was on Idol. (She performed “Stuff Like That There” that week.)

10:22 PM: “George Clooney is going to be Santa Claus.” Uhm, I would LOVE to see that.

10:24 PM: The dress during the “Wrapped in Red” performance is the best thing Kelly has worn so far this evening. The vocals are perfect.

10:26 PM: “George? Bush?”

10:27 PM: Looks like Blake Shelton doesn’t know how to iron clothes. He should stick to his day job. :)

10:33 PM: The vocals keep getting better. Loving “Please Come Home for Christmas (Bells Will Be Ringing).”

10:36 PM: Totally wasn’t expecting “Walk Away” to be used on this Christmas show. I guess Kelly really loves this song?

10:44 PM: How many ways can one say “perfection”? Kelly Clarkson doing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” justice.

10:49 PM: “Christmas isn’t about her career.” Nice lesson. I guess.

10:55 PM: “Underneath the Tree” is probably going to become a Christmas classic…eventually. Love this tune!

10:58 PM: And that’s a wrap! Loved this Chrismast special. I wouldn’t mind at all if NBC turns this into an annual thing.

#MusicMonday: “I was a Fool” by Tegan and Sara

Heartthrob - Tegan & Sara

I’m still working on my year-end blog post on my fave albums. But here’s a spoiler: Heartthrob will make the list. So here I bring you one of my faves from that Tegan and Sara album.

“I was A Fool” was directed by Shane Drake and features the Mae Whitman, according to Tegan and Sara’s Facebook page. Watch/listen below.

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6 reasons why Britney Jean deserves to flop

Britney Jean - album cover

Britney Jean, the eight studio album from Britney Spears, is set to sell up to 120,000 copies in its opening week. While that’s enough for a number one debut, it’s a big drop from the 276,000 that Femme Fatale sold in its first week in 2011 and pales in comparison to recent debut numbers by Miley Cyrus (270,000), Katy Perry (275,000) or even Lady Gaga (258,000).

But I’m not sure surprised Britney Jean is set to flop. In fact, if there’s justice in the world, Britney Jean deserves not to sell at all. Here are six reasons why:

  1. The lazy “Work Bitch” music video

“Work Bitch” is a pretty fierce song, but the video just falls short of epicness. Lazy choreography, uninspired concept, and Britney’s lack of spark help make “Work Bitch” one of the most disappointing music videos of 2013.

Work Bitch - Britney Jean

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