Grammys 2015: Who will win Best New Artist?

Grammys 2015 - Best New Artist nominees: Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, Haim, Bastille

It’s that time of the year again. On February 8, the Grammy Awards will be handed out. Filthy Pop will run a series with predictions on the major award categories, starting with Best New Artist.


  • Iggy Azalea
  • Bastille
  • Brandy Clark
  • Haim
  • Sam Smith

Iggy Azalea had what was arguably 2014’s song of the summer in “Fancy.” Haim also had a great year with “The Wire” and a successful Saturday Night Live appearance.

But make no doubt about it: this is Sam Smith’s category to lose. He received the most Grammy nominations this year (including nominations in all four major categories), and he’s the first artist to sell 1 million records in both the UK and the US in the same year. “Stay With Me” was a hit–and deservedly so. And with “I Know I’m Not the Only One” zooming up the charts, Smith is on his way on super-stardom.

The Academy will be crazy not to give this one to Sam Smith, but weirder things have happened in the past.

Who should win: Sam Smith
Who will win: Sam Smith

Who’s your best for Best New Artist? Let us know!

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3 recent amazing performances from Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson - Ghost

I’m calling it now: 2015’s first breakout artist will be Ella Henderson. I mean, yes, she released her album in 2014 and she released “Ghost” in the US last year. But she’s not that big yet.

I think that will change…very soon.

The former X-Factor UK contestant recently went on a US tour to promote her new album, Chapter One. I’m loving her. Her voice is reminiscent of Adele, Emile Sandé and Leona Lewis. Her music—a combo of irresistible pop ballads and gospel-tinged pop songs—reminds me a bit of Sam Smith. So basically, this girl is a combination of amazing British vocalists. She’s only 19, but she’s already a force to be reckoned with.
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