Kelly Clarkson wants to you to “Get Up” in new song

Kelly Clarkson - Pepsi Anthem - Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem)

I did NOT see this coming. Kelly Clarkson has teamed up with the Dallas Cowboys and Pepsi for a new anthem for the football team.

“Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem)” is an anthemic pop track that Cowboy fans are sure to appreciate. It’s a catchy tune with strong verses — with a few tweaks, it could have been a nice follow up to Clarkson’s current single “Dark Side”. The track has a lot more dance elements to it than “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”, but the lyrics aren’t quite as strong. The bridge is also a little lazy, I think.

Kelly’s vocals, as usual, soar.

Here’s the announcement from the Pepsi Anthems website:

From defining the word Idol for an entire generation to a cascade of hits, Kelly Clarkson has already had a legendary career. Kelly has sold over 20 million albums worldwide, and continues to excite fans with her impressive vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Kelly’s artistry and vocals are what bring power to her music and what motivates her to keep going.

Clarkson was an easy choice to team up with the Cowboys. After all, when you’re from Fort Worth, there’s only one team you can cheer for. So Kelly and the Cowboys got together to create a song that we can all sing along to. When Pepsi first approached Kelly about writing the song, she was so excited she wrote the lyrics that same night. From one Cowboys fan to another: GET UP!

Filthy News: Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Janelle Monae

Pop music news

  • Rihanna has a girl crush on Beyoncé. The “Where Have You Been” songstress tweeted the following accompanied by a photo of Beyoncé: This pic could single handedly destroy the self esteem of an entire nation
  • Via MTV: Taylor Swift announces new album Red and unveils lead single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. Truth be told, I am not the biggest Taylor Swift fan, but with collaborations with Ed Sheeran and Max Martin, I am at least curious. As for the song, let me just say that Taylor probably should stick to country. #justsayin

Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra

Gotye - Somebodies - a YouTube Orchestra

Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” video is one of the biggest Internet smashes of this year, so a mega-mix featuring the videos that covered/parodied the song and/or the video is probably the last thing you’d like to see. But this one is actually pretty awesome! And it’s no coincidence that it was created by the artist behind the hit himself.

Here’s what Gotye has to say about the video on YouTube:

Reluctant as I am to add to the mountain of interpretations of Somebody That I Used To Know seemingly taking over their own area of the internet, I couldn’t resist the massive remixability that such a large, varied yet connected bundle of source material offered.

I was directly inspired here by Kutiman’s Thru-You project:
Wonderful stuff!

Thank you to everyone who has responded to Somebody That I Used To Know via YouTube. It’s truly amazing!

All audio and video in Somebodies is from the YouTube user videos featured, each of them a cover or parody of Somebody That I Used To Know. No extra sounds were added to the mix, but I used some EQ, filtering, pitch-shifting and time-stretching to make the music.

Great note, and I like that he credited most of the original videos as well. Also, as a Vancouverite, I LOVE that the Canucks parody made the cut.

#MusicMonday – Marina & the Diamonds – “How to be a Heartbreaker”

Electra Heart - marina and the diamonds

From the amazing Marina & The Diamonds, “How To Be a Heartbreaker” is a  guide on (as the title suggests) how to become an evil philanderer. The track is the one addition to the North American version of the flawless album Electra Heart, and it is a fun, cheeky pop song.

The studio version is a typical pop affair, but ‘Heartbreaker’ is sooo good live.

Mika fights through writer’s block in new video “Celebrate”

Mika featuring Pharell - Celebrate

British (and openly gay) pop star Mika just premiered his video “Celebrate”, and honestly, I’m not sure if I like it. The video has some nice moments, but it lacks colour and personality, especially when compared to Mika’s previous work. (At least Mika looks good — the scruffy look works well for him.)

His new sound is more mainstream than ever. I wish he’d release something like Life in a Cartoon Motion again.