Pink releases new single “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”

by KC Claveria | Filthy Pop | Vancouver Pop Music blog

Pink - Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

The horrendous title aside, Pink’s new single is a smash. “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” is the work of Greg Kurstin, the producer behind Kelly Clarkson’s big hit “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)“.

It’s not the most original lead single released in recent memory, but the single remains true to Pink’s feisty personality.  It’s super catchy and will have you singing along in no time. A pop perfection.

#MusicMonday – Fantastic Baby

by KC Claveria | Filthy Pop | Vancouver Pop Music blog

Fantastic Baby - BIGBANG

I am not a KPop music expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I couldn’t resist blogging about BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby”.

The insanely catchy pop-dance track is only matched by its fierce music video. From the amazing hairstyles to the outrageous outfits, these boys make Lady Gaga look tame and boring. Boomshakalaka!

On a side note, I’ve been listening to Still Alive and loving it.

Lana Del Rey releases JFK-inspired “National Anthem” video

by KC Claveria | Filthy Pop | Vancouver Pop Music blog

With “National Anthem”, Lana Del Rey releases another stunning, cinematic video. Borrowing references from John F. Kennedy’s biography, the seven-minute video starts off with Del Rey doing her best Marilyn Monroe impersonation and ending with the historic assassination of the president.

The video is just very loosely based on JFK’s story though, as it features a young, cigar-smoking (black) rapper,  and Del Rey actually ended up getting married to the president. The video has an appropriate theme for a song titled “National Anthem”, but I’m not sure if it’s as provocative as it aims to be.

The vintage videography is a nice touch, and as usual, Del Rey looks amazing. ”National Anthem” isn’t Del Rey’s best video (that honour probably still belongs to the flawless “Born To Die”), but this is still 100% better than what most pop stars are releasing these days.

Something different: VoicePlay

by KC Claveria | Filthy Pop | Vancouver Pop Music blog


Many pop artists today wouldn’t be able to sing well a capella if their life depended on it, but one group is doing just that — and nothing but that.

VoicePlay (formerly known as 42Five) is an Orlando-based a capella group who describes their music as “wildly whimsical” and “fantastical”. VoicePlay creates the array of ‘instrumentals’ and ‘harmonies’ in their songs using only their voice. Everything is a capella. Pretty neat.

The group is preparing to release their debut full-length album “Once Upon An Ever After” on July 10. Here’s more info about the album:

“Once Upon An Ever After” is a sparkling compilation of original medleys inspired by both classic and contemporary fairy tales which will have you sweetly reminiscing and singing along to each heartwarming tune while simultaneously being dazzled by VoicePlay’s cutting edge renditions.  Each track on “Once Upon An Ever After” presents an extraordinary twist on these magical soundtracks by solely featuring the world’s most powerful instrument: the human vocal.

Their song “The King Has Returned” is a fun and enchanting take on the songs from the Lion King, one of my fave animated movies of all time. They’re providing this song for free – download link below.

For more info, visit VoicePlay’s website.

Download “The King Has Returned” here.


Even a shirtless Adam Levine couldn’t save the “One More Night” video

by KC Claveria | Filthy Pop | Vancouver Pop Music blog

One More Night - Maroon 5 music video

I am NEVER opposed to a shirtless Adam Levine, but I just can’t get into the “One More Night” video.


Album review: Believe – Justin Bieber

by KC Claveria | Filthy Pop | Vancouver Pop Music blog

Justin Bieber - Believe album cover

With Believe, Justin Bieber tries to make that awkward transition from a teenager into an adult. Combining RnB, dance, and pop influences, Bieber attempts to shed his tween star status and become a bona-fide artist.