Album review: 6 reasons you should check out Disclosure’s Settle

Disclosure - Settle

To some extent, Disclosure’s Settle is arriving at the wrong time. Pop radio is showing signs of EDM fatigue, while RnB songs with a more classic and retro feel are seeing a much-needed boost.

That shouldn’t stop you from checking out the album though. The duo’s debut already topped the UK charts, and it could blow up in Canada and the US also. Here are 6 reasons you should check out this gem.

6. The amazing intro

The album’s intro is solid. The intro track and its extension “When A Fire Starts to Burn” are deliciously interesting. I’m usually against too much repetition, but in this case, the repetitive use of the line “When a fire starts to burn” is hypnotic.

5. Sonia Tayeh digs “Latch”

If you watch So You Think You Can Dance, you probably already know that Sonia Tayeh used “Latch” (featuring Sam Smith) during Vegas week. Tayeh has a great taste in music—so you should follow her lead and check out this track.

4. The androgyny of “F For You”

In what is already a sexy album, “F For You” stands out. The deep vocals, combined with the sensual delivery, are seriously sexy.

3. The bouncy synths of “You and Me”

Eliza Doolittle’s emotional delivery of the verses in “You and Me” is a great juxtaposition to the bouncy synths of the song. The crisp vocals make the anthemic chorus even more powerful. It’s no wonder this was selected as a single.

2. You wanna hear “White Noise”

If the AlunaGeorge-assisted “White Noise” doesn’t make you wanna dance, you should definitely get your pulse checked ASAP. It’ll make you wanna bounce, at least. The plastic-y, Barbie-like vocals give this song a very futuristic feel.

1. Jessie Ware

Ware makes two appearances—first as a featured artist in the insanely sexy “Confess To Me” and second in the remix of “Running. Enough said.