Special effects save Rihanna’s “You Da One” music video

Rihanna - You Da One music video - screenshot

Rihanna just released the video for “You Da One”, and unfortunately, it’s a bit of a letdown.

The overworked pop diva is seen dry humping the air in the plot-less video, which happens to be about nothing but Rihanna playing dress up while lip synching to her own song. Even the dancing here isn’t interesting or sexy; “You Da One” is essentially a bad attempt to replicate the “Rude Boy” music video.

Not everything’s lost though as Rihanna manages to look smokin’ hot despite of her super busy schedule. The black and white visuals are kinda cool and, in some way, very classic. The Melina-directed mv also boasts some cool special effects (love the lips!).

“You Da One” is not really that great of a song, so in some way, this accompanying video is appropriate. It’s lazy but pretty, which is how I’d describe the song as well. Not a bad video, but “You Da One” just seems a bit disappointing when compared to the flawless “We Found Love” music video.