Video premiere: Goin’ In – Jennifer Lopez featuring Flo Rida

Goin' In - Jennifer Lopez featuring Flo Rida

Just like the song itself, the “Goin’ In” video is your typical and generic dance affair. It’s colourful, there is some dancing, and it features a rapper who you may or may not recognize. (It’s Flo Rida in this case, by the way, in case you’re wondering.)

Sure, Lopez looks stunning for a 43-year old, but this video shows absolutely nothing. The choreography is weak, the outfits are a tad predictable, and the set looks okay. Not a big win for JLo.

Flo Rida

J.Lo’s “Goin’ In” doesn’t get me going

Dance Again - Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s newest song, “Goin’ In”, is a loud, forgettable mess. Backed by a loud production, Jennifer’s vocals sound too thin here, amateur-ish even. This song requires street cred, something that J.Lo hasn’t had in at least a decade.

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Review: “Dance Again” video – Jennifer Lopez

Dance Again - Jennifer Lopez

Shortly after releasing the lyric video for “Dance Again”, Jennifer Lopez revealed the official music video for the song. The dance track, an obvious recreation of “On The Floor”, is actually very catchy, and I was really looking forward to seeing the American Idol judge do her thing in the video.

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J.Lo releases “Dance Again” lyric video

Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again

“Dance Again”, the newest from Jennifer Lopez, is an obvious attempt to re-capture the success of “On The Floor”. Produced by Red One, both songs feature an appearance by rapper Pitbull.

Despite being unoriginal, “Dance Again” somehow works. The delicious combo of dance and Latin music is something that only J.Lo can pull off. The fist pump-inducing, anthemic chorus is sure to put dance floors on fire.

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