These are 2015’s most anticipated album

Frank Ocean

“2015 will be the best year for music since ever.”

That’s according to BuzzFeed, who this week published an article about the 52 most anticipated albums of 2015. From Kanye to Kendrick Lamar, the list pretty much includes everyone and anyone who matters in music.

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DJ Earworm releases Fly, a Capital FM Summertime Ball mashup

If mashups are your thing, check out the latest from DJ Earworm below.

I always look forward to DJ Earworm’s year-end mashups, but “Fly” is not quite doing it for me. There’s too much Usher and Jessie J, and not enough Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, or Carly Rae Jepsen. Even Sia’s parts become too repetitive.  The video isn’t DJ Earworm’s best.

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Why is Bieber trying to be like Justin Timberlake in “Boyfriend”?

Boyfriend video - Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” video is totally not what I expected. When I saw the preview a couple of weeks ago, I thought that the concept would be futuristic, with closeups of stereos and liquid things and lots of glamorous shots of the teen superstar. I expected some sweet dance moves with slick production.

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Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” ain’t bad

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend - single cover

Damn Justin Bieber for releasing a song I actually like!

“Boyfriend” is a great pop tune that is both smooth and infectious. Semi-wrapping in the verses and singing in the pre-chorus and the chorus, Bieber sounds good here — I can’t help but like it.

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