Photos: Top 5 Vancouver concerts in 2013

Best Vancouver concerts in 2013

What a year in concerts! Vancouver was lucky to welcome some of the biggest names in music this year—from Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake to Bruno Mars and Ellie Goulding.

Here were my top 5 favourites.

  1. Marina & the Diamonds at the Commodore

Welsh singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis made good on her promise last year to return to Vancouver. Her Lonely Hearts Club tour showcased her charm and irresistible alt-pop music.

Marina and the Diamonds - Vancouver, May 2013

Marina and the Diamonds - Lonely Hears Club Tour - Vancouver, May 2013

  1. Bruno Mars at Rogers Arena

In any other year, Bruno Mars would have topped my list of best concerts. The Moonshine Jungle tour had everything going for it: slick production, bright lights, and Bruno’s talent. I expect the concert’s fun old-school vibe to be prominent when Bruno Mars performs at Super Bowl in 2014.

Bruno Mars - Moonshine Jungle Tour - Vancouver
Photo: jenmah

Moonshine Jungle Tour - Bruno Mars - Vancouver - July 20, 2013
Photo: kellybellsss

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Marina & The Diamonds brings back the Lonely Hearts Club tour to Vancouver

Marina and the Diamonds - Lonely Hears Club Tour - Vancouver, May 2013

Less than a year after playing at The Commodore, Marina & The Diamonds brought back her Lonely Hearts Club tour to Vancouver on May 3. The Welsh singer-songwriter was just as brilliant as the first time—although the audience was noticeably bigger and the production, more slick.

Opening with the crowd-pleaser “Homewrecker,” Marina sounded and looked fantastic throughout her 1 and a half hour set. Alternating from her new album Electra Heart and her debut The Family Jewels, Marina thrilled the crowd with pop gems such as “State of Dreaming” and “Shampain.” Marina kept it all about the music: there were very few costume changes and props.

The hiccups were minimal. Although the lighting was generally better than Marina’s concert here in July, it was difficult to see her during the “Starring Role” performance. I also question the choice of “Teen Idle” for the encore—she could have done a lot better here. “Primadonna” would have been an obvious choice, but I think “Power and Control” would have been a fabulous closer.

The highlights more than made up for the hiccups, however. “Radioactive” was fun, and so was “Bubblegum Bitch.”  Another highlight was the piano-driven “Obsessions.” As expected, “How to be a Heartbreaker” thrilled the crowd, which was made up of mostly gay men with their bffs and straight men who got dragged to the show by their girlfriends.

Marina and the Diamonds - Lonely Hears Club Tour - Vancouver, May 2013
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