Pink offers her version of The Truth About Love (Album Review)

Pink - The Truth About Love (album review)

In her new record, Pink proves that motherhood doesn’t necessarily change things — at least when it comes to music and pop stardom. The foul-mouthed pop star is still rockin’ an edgy look and churning out tongue-in-cheek, loud songs like the lead single “Blow Me One Last Kiss”. She’s still singing about love — and about stupid men.

Stand out tracks: “Just Give Me a Reason” featuring fun. frontman Nate Ruess has superb vocals, an infectious (but not too over-the-top) beat, and great harmonies. I’m really surprised this was passed up as the second single in favour of the less appealing “Try”.

“True Love” is a fun song that reminds me of “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)” (from the album I’m Not Dead), but the singable chorus alone make it a must-download. “The Truth About Love” is a snap-inducing, 80s-inspired funky pop song.

Skip these tracks: “Slut Like You” is an annoying, loud mess that tries too hard to recreate “Stupid Girls”.  Pink has too much talent to be singing a song like this. “Walk of Shame” has a really catchy chorus, but it also gets grating at times.

Final thoughts: Don’t let the lackluster singles fool you: The Truth About Love is actually a solid effort that builds on Pink’s already impressive discography. I’ve been a Pink fan for a long time, and I think that with this record, she’s playing more with rock than dance-pop, as demonstrated by the Eminem-assisted “Here Comes The Weekend”. Although some tracks are obvious attempts for big chart-toppers, underneath The Truth About Love is an innovative record that is arguably Pink’s best yet.