Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been” video is exotic, sexy, etc.

Where Have You Been - Rihanna - music video

It’s no secret that “Where Have You Been” is my fave my Rihanna’s latest album Talk That Talk. The Dr.Luke/Calvin Harris-produced track is riduculously catchy and is an obvious choice for a single.

After failing to get a big hit with “Talk That Talk” and releasing the ill-fated “Birthday Cake”, Rihanna is finally releasing this club banger.

The video is not quite what I expected, but it has tons of things going for it. The exotic vibe works well with the song’s theme, and Rihanna’s dance moves have never been better. As always, Rihanna brings allure and sexiness to the video.

Unlike “We Found Love”, however, “Where Have You Been” is NOT an iconic video. The production looks somewhat cheap, probably because it is obvious that the entire thing was shot indoors inside a studio. And while I commend Rihanna for dancing her ass off, this video goes to show that she’s no Beyoncé or Ciara. She looks good but doesn’t quite hit it hard.

Finally, the lack of a clear plot lessened the video’s impact. “Where Have You Been” is about finding true love after years of longing — this is a universal (and endearing) story that could have been told beautifully by the video.

This is still fun to watch though, and it’s is definitely a step towards the right direction after the lazy “You Da One” video.